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Trunnion Ball Valves

The D Series two-piece, end entry trunnion ball valve offers unparalleled craftsmanship and superior performance. A wide range of trims are available including Nace MR-0175 and explosive decompression resistant o-rings. AOP trunnion ball valves are manufactured and tested in conformance with API 6D and 6A specifications as well as API 6FA Fire Test as standard.

AOP D Series Trunnion Ball Valves
D Series Trunnion Ball Valves

The D Series is a two-piece, cast body, side entry trunnion mounted ball valve. The two-piece cast body and bolted construction allow disassembly on the jobsite for easy service and repair. D Series valves are available in sizes 2” through 12” full port ANSI classes 150 to 900, and 2” through 6” reduced port ANSI class 1500 and API 6A class 5000. Valves are available with a lever handle, gear operator, or bare stem for actuation. Stem extensions and special coatings are available direct from the factory for buried service applications.

AOP D Series Trunnion Ball Valves
Standard Features

Trunnion mounted ball
Anti-blowout stem
Stem separated from ball to prevent side loading
Double barrier stem seals
Self relieving seats
Double Block and Bleed
Metal backed self lubricating PTFE sleeve bearings and thrust washers to reduce torque and extend service life
1 mil ENP carbon steel or stainless steel trim available
Emergency sealant injection fittings 6FP - 12FP CL150 - CL900, 2FP - 4FP CL1500 & 5000
Body bleed fitting 2FP - 4FP CL150 - CL900
External fixed position stops for lever operated valves, and factory positioned stops for gear operated valves with external reference for open and closed positions
Field repairable
Metal-to-Metal seating available
Enduro-Bond TM coating available

AOP D Series Trunnion Ball Valves
Standard Compliance

API 6D / ISO 14313
ANSI B16.5
ANSI 16.10
NACE MR-0175-2002

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