Modco Quick Opening Closures.

Modco Quick Opening Closures.

Modco® was established in 1981 by a group of experienced engineers. They were driven by the idea of improving the existing closure technology to its best. Of course, the Figure 500™ closure has been through continuous improvements since 1981, but its reliability and competitive pricing continued throughout the time. With more than 75,000 closures in the field worldwide, the passion of the founders of Modco has become true.
Modco Quick Opening Closures
The Closure Specialists

In 2007, Modco® became a part of the “MAP Group (Mid-American Partners)” family. The manufacturing expertise of the MAP Group has helped to further professionalized the work of Modco. In 2010, Modco® moved to a new state of the art 10-acre production complex including 15,000 square feet of manufacturing space under the roof. The modern setup of the manufacturing facility with its updated CNC and welding equipment has enabled Modco® to provide precision machining and fabrication meeting the newest industrial standards.

A Strong Mission

Modco® has been a Quick Opening Closure provider since 1981. With our Figure 500™ Closure line, we are a reliable partner for reputable companies in the oil and gas industry. The success of the company is led by our drive to reach the never-ending goal of our mission statement, which is: “To manufacture a product and provide a service that exceeds our customer`s expectations in quality, delivery and cost through continuous improvement, sustainability, and reflected values we hold in our company.”



Modco Figure 500 Closure
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The Figure 500™ Quick Opening Closures are available in sizes 2″- 48″ and ANSI Class 150 – 900.

Modco Quick Opening Closures.

Modco® closures are classified in three basic family categories:

Family I (2″ ANSI 150 through 14″ ANSI 900)

The material for these size closures consists of closed die forgings for both cap and hub except for of the 14″ hub, which is a rolled ring forging. These closures are offered with several different options to accommodate the customer’s request, including Pressure Warning Device, Non-Hinged, Chain and Swivel, Center and Off-Center Drill and Tap

Family II (16″ ANSI 150 through 24″ ANSI 300)

The material for Family II closures consists of a rolled ring forging and a custom formed 2:1 elliptical head. The hinging is designed using quality components that assure efficient handling. Due to the hinge being centered, the closure door can be opened to either the left or right side.

Family III (24″ ANSI 600 through 48″ ANSI 600)

The material for 24″ ANSI 600 and up, consists of a rolled ring forging and a custom formed 2:1 elliptical head like the Family II size range. Family III closures have been engineered with specially designed components to accommodate the size and weight. These closures are manufactured in a way to make operation safe and easy.

Closure Orientations

Modco® closures are available for horizontal, vertical, or angle applications.

Horizontal closures are equipped with a hinge assembly. Hinge assemblies allow the cap to swivel to the right or left side once opened.

Vertical closures operate on a davit hinge. These threaded cap pins have the same thread pitch as the cap and hub thread.

Angled closure hinges vary by the specific incline or decline degree. Cap weights vary depending on size but are adjusted to factory specifications before to shipment. Properly adjusted closures protect the cap from the friction of the mating hub thread.

The Figure 500™ closure can be ordered with various options or combinations. Closure Accessories Modco Lug Wrench.

Modco Quick Opening Closures.

Closure Accessories

Modco Closure Accessories

Modco Lug Wrench
Closure caps, Family I (2″–14″), are designed with signature Modco® Lugs. The custom-designed wrench fits the lugs for quick operation of the closure. Modco Cat Tool

Modco Cat Tool
The Cat Tool is a specially designed tool for opening Family II and Family III closures. Two sizes are available, small and large. The small Cat Tool is required on closure sizes 16″-24″ (Family II). The large Cat Tool will be needed on sizes 24″-48″ (Family III). Design and Features Modco Figure 500

Design and Features

Modco Design and Features

Safeguard Protection
Accident prevention is a primary concern of Modco®. As a standard option, Modco offers a Pressure Alert Valve (PAV) on our 6″ and larger closures. The PAV complies with ASME standards and warns the operator of pressure behind the closure cap. When the internal pressure is built up, it is virtually impossible to unscrew the cap due to thread contact. Optimally, if the cap was rotated in the slightest amount, the pressure energized o-ring relaxes. The trapped pressure emits around the threads. At this precise moment, thread engagement remains at least 95% preventing the cap from disengaging from the hub. The Acme threaded design rates Modco® closures a leader in safety.

Pressure Alert Valve (PAV)
Our PAV is positioned on the hub and attached by a short chain, not allowing the cap to be opened without the removal of the PAV. This ensures no accumulated pressure is within the vessel or pipe. Even though the PAV can bleed down pressure, it is designed to act only as a safety feature for the operator. Required by ASME, a PAV is mandatory on all closure sizes. A PAV will come standard on 6” and larger but offered for 2″ thru 4″ as a purchased option.

Quality Assurance

With our focal point on manufacturing, the Quality Management System of Modco assesses our after-sales and supply-chain organizations, making every effort to increase customer satisfaction by actively improving our quality of service. Our customer feedback empowers the enhancement of our designs and processes through our manufacturing and engineering organizations and back to our suppliers. We oversee component quality by assessing our supplier quality performance in manufacturing and by performing detailed on-site evaluations of potential suppliers.

O-Ring Compounds and Durometers
To correctly select o-ring material, pressure, temperature and chemical environments need to be accurately accessed. Nitrile (Buna-N) is the standard o-ring material. This material is a widely used o-ring elastomer having excellent resistance to petroleum products, compression set, tear and abrasion resistance. The temperature range for Buna-N is -40 to +250 degrees F. Viton o-ring material would be recommended for higher temperature ratings that exceed +250 degrees F. Alternate compounds and durometers are available for specified applications upon request.

ASME Code-stamped Closures
Modco® closures can be ASME Code Stamped when required. Code stamping verifies third-party shop inspection of the closure and materials by an Authorized Inspector (A.I.). A U-2A Partial Data Report will be issued to the purchaser upon completion by the Inspector.