Valve Grease Fittings

The patented Flow Wolf design was originally invented in the field by our founder, W.J. “Bill” Chisholm, on a job where we needed to inject a super heavy sealant compound into severely leaking valves. The valve manufacturer’s sealant fittings plugged off immediately and subsequent high-pressure resulted in the “blow-out” of the check valve mechanism.

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This situation lead to the development of the Flow Wolf design with the assistance of Russian field engineers and Sealweld’s own engineers in Canada. Designed to be the strongest and most durable sealant fitting on the market, the Flow Wolf combines field-tested technology with high quality materials to create a virtually indestructible fitting. A vented cap protects the buttonhead flange and connecting threads from corrosion and damage. The Flow Wolf is now in use in pipeline valves around the globe and preferred by many of the world’s largest pipeline operators. The Flow Wolf is available in many different thread sizes and types for all makes and models of valves and service conditions. When you order new valves from the world’s leading manufacturers, be sure to specify “Sealweld Flow Wolf sealant fittings – no substitutes!”

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