Compact Check Valves

Check Valves Series CV6

The Aceco Model CV6 swing type check valve is designed for high pressure applications while incorporating the compact design feature for space and weight savings.


The Model CV6 will work in most applications to prevent backflow. Our seat design allows for the seal to be out of the flow path providing for long life.

The CV6 can be paired with either the BV1 or BV2 ball valve for a ball/check combo that allows for maximum space savings.

The CV6 is a good replacement for other compact check valves as no changes in flowline spacing or flange replacement is required.

Detailed Specifications – Standard Design Features

  • Sizes 1” to 12” up to 15,000 PSI
  • Full opening clapper passage through the valve
  • Positive backflow protection
  • Valve sealing is out of flow path
  • API 6FD Firesafe certified

Metal Seated hard face material available as an option

The clapper is held to the closed position by a spring but will swing up and out of the flow path.

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