Pigging Valves

PV3 & PV4 – Sizes ranging from 3” – 12”, Multiple End Configurations Including ANSI CL150 – CL1500 and API 6A.


Detailed Specifications

PV3 Floating By-Pass Design

  • The compact body style for bolting between line flanges
  • During pig loading and retrieving, the by-pass design permits a minimum of 72 percent of product flow, depending on the pipe schedule
  • No additional tools required for removing or replacing the entry plug
  • Vent/bleeder valve permits the relieving of pressure from the entry pig chamber for safety before removing entry plug
  • Equalizer valve opens to pressurize entry pig chamber to create low torque operation
  • Pig launching and removal is performed easily and safely
  • Back-seated stem prevents blowout
  • Stem lubrication fitting standard
  • Locking plates standard
  • The Pig receiver in the ball contains a pig stop plate rigidly positioned to stop the pig
  • The lower seat is spring energized to initial seal
  • In-line field repairable
  • Materials comply with options available for many requirements
  • NACE MR0175 Latest Edition
  • Pig entry plug color-coded for proper field installation “green” for launching valves “red” for receiving valves
  • Designed to use spherical style pigs

PV4 Positive Shut-Off Trunnion Design

  • Trunnion mounted ball for reduced operating torque
  • No additional tools required for removing or replacing the entry plug
  • Optional body cavity pressure indicator for additional safety
  • Body cavity venting for safety
  • Design is more compact and lighter weight than competitive pigging valves resulting in lower costs
  • Double block and bleed design
  • It may be used as a positive shut-off flowline valve
  • NACE MR0175 Latest Edition
  • Can accommodate bullet and spherical style pigs
  • Stem lubrication capability standard
  • Materials available for most media requirements
  • Pig entry plug color-coded for proper field installation. “Green” for launching valves. “Red” for receiving valves

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