Sealweld products have been developed over almost forty years of practicing on-line valve maintenance. We strive to make the valve technicians’ job more productive through the development of these effective products. We are constantly upgrading our sealant delivery systems by improving our pumps and adapters. Just as fuels such as gasoline have evolved over the years, so must our lubricant/sealants and delivery systems. New products are constantly being developed to meet the demanding needs of pipelines around the world.


Sealweld products eliminate the need for pipelines to warehouse large inventories of different types of sealants and the headache of ensuring the correct sealant was used in a specific valve.

Our ability to manufacture high-quality products consistently enables our technicians to apply a scientific and systematic approach to using the products for problem-solving.

The Valve Care Products we now offer are the result of our over forty years’ experience of discovering practical solutions that really work in all types and makes of valves.

Val-Tex, a wholly-owned subsidiary of KMG, is a preferred provider of high quality, cost-effective valve lubricants primarily to the oil and gas storage, pipeline, and gas distribution markets. Val-Tex manufactures and distributes industrial sealants and lubricants, as well as related products, such as lubrication equipment and fittings. Val-Tex serves the global valve maintenance market with value-added specialty products that enable optimal valve operation and help prevent costly, unscheduled downtime at customer facilities and pipelines. Also, Val-Tex’s products provide important safety benefits along with preventing fugitive valve emissions.

Founded in 1962, Val-Tex was a valve repair and modification shop; valve maintenance products manufacturing; and field services. Val-Tex continued with this model until 1974 when it changed business strategy and focused solely on valve maintenance products. Armed with its years of field experience, Val-Tex aimed to fill the need of a reliable partner to major valve manufacturers. Still today, Val-Tex helps train our valve manufacturing partners on key aspects of field maintenance, solutions to common operational challenges, and products that are engineered to overcome those pitfalls.

Behind every Val-Tex product stands a company committed to:

  • Quality: Val-Tex standard maintenance products do not contain Teflon®, clay, talc, wax, acid, caustic, or solvents that add to your valve maintenance problems.
  • Competitive Prices: Val-Tex provides cost-effective maintenance solutions especially when compared to the high cost of continuing valve problems and their potential safety issues.
  • Prompt Deliveries: Val-Tex has a large selection of products in stock and available for immediate shipment.

Also, the extensive technical support and training Val-Tex provides to you and your personnel helps maximize the value of the time and money spent on your valve maintenance program.

From the classroom to the field, from land to sub-sea applications, Val-Tex and a proven team of manufacturers’ agents are ready to assist you worldwide.