Trunnion Ball Valves

Warren Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves

Warren Valve offers 2”–48” forged steel trunnion mounted ball valves to meet the industry’s strictest specifications. Our products include ANSI Classes 150 – 2500 in carbon steel bodies with electroless nickel plating or stainless steel trim, as well as full stainless steel body and trim. Double block and bleed and emergency sealant injection fittings are standard, along with NACE and fire-safe.

Warren Valve Trunnion Valve Chart

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Why Trunnion Ball Valve?

A ball valve uses a rotating ball and a stem to provide on/off flow control. When the valve is positioned where the bore is aligned in the same direction as the pipeline, it is in the open position, and fluid can pass downstream. When the ball is rotated 90-degree, the bore becomes perpendicular to the flow path, meaning the valve is closed, and fluid cannot pass.

Advantages of a ball valve include Fast shut off, only a 90-degree turn required to close the valve. The opened or closed state of the valve can be easily detected by the position of the handle. The Ball Valve provides a tight seal, even after long periods, utilizing soft-sealing components.

Trunnion-mounted ball design features a “trunnion” anchoring at the top and bottom of the ball. This design provides a positive seal on both downstream and upstream seats, regardless of pressure, allowing for Double Block and Bleed, or Double Isolation and Bleed function. This makes trunnion design ball valves suitable for larger-bore and higher-pressure operations. Additionally, this design reduces the torque required to stroke the valve, making a trunnion design ideal for automated ball valve applications.